Why choose HELITE?

Helite is the worlds leading producer of Airbag safety vests and jackets. Helite was founded in 2002 and their airbag products have today more than 60 000 users. Helite has the experience and technical expertise in the field that has enabled advanced security vests with incredibly fast triggering times and reliable protection for riders.

Helite products use the highest quality materials that are strong and very comfortable. The Airbag products has many times proven to work and can be used on for example motorcycles, quads, mopeds and snowmobiles. Helite gives good protection in competitions sports as bike racing and speedway.


Here follows the most common questions about Helite. Please contact your nearest store for further information.

Which body parts are covered by the Airbag?

  • The neck behind and sideways, to avoid whiplash injuries
  • The head is indirectly protected by the  support of the neck
  • The thorax and on both sides of the ribs
  • The hips
  • The full back from lower head to tail-bone

Is the Airbag jacket or vest reusable after inflation?

Yes, the only part of the airbag that has to be replaced is the gas cartridge. However, if the vest has been damaged to a point where the airbag inside could have been affected, please contact us and we will organize for it to be checked.

How long can I keep a gas cartridge?

The CO2 cartridge doesn’t have any expiration date. But it should be replaced if there is any deterioration or rust. We do recommend you to check the CO2 cartridge every year for more security by weighing the cartridge and making sure the weight indicated on the scale corresponds to the weight written on the cartridge. The weight difference should not be higher than +/-3g; if the weight difference is higher the cartridge should be replaced.

What happens if I forget to unclip before coming down the motorcycle?

To activate the Airbag you need to pull a force of 30kg, which is very easy in an accident situation when there is acceleration, but when you are stopped and you start getting off your motorcycle, you will just feel that you are still attached and therefore be reminded to unclip. Clipping and unclipping will soon be a habit the same way you buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt.

Are the Helite Airbag jackets waterproof?

Yes, all our models are 100% waterproof, made of water resistant textiles.

Can the Helite jacket be washed?

The jacket should be hand washed with water and soap, by scrubbing inside and outside. Do not sink the airbag system in water and do not put it in the dryer.

Can I wear a backpack?

Yes, however you must keep and mind that it will obstruct the optimal inflation of the jacket. The heavier the back-pack the slower the cushions will inflate and the tighter it is worn the slower the cushions will inflate.

If I fall on the cartridge, could it hurt?

No, the CO2 cartridge location has been studied to be placed on the least harmful place of your upper body. In addition to the airbag under the cartridge, a foam rubber pad and an ABS pad keep the bottle further from your body. The gas contained in the cartridge is only CO2 so there is no risk to use it to inflate your airbag.

Does the airbag vest protect as well as the airbag jacket?

The only protection difference between the jacket and the vest are the rigid shoulder and elbow pads integrated in the jacket. The airbag system is the same whether you go for a vest or a jacket. People that choose the vest usually already have a motorcycle jacket with all the rigid protections. They put the vest on top of their normal motorcycle jacket.

How do I attach the lanyard to my vehicle?

Installment is quick and easy. After purchasing your Helite jacket you will have to install the lanyard to your vehicle. The strap will stay attached to your vehicle at all time or can be moved from one vehicle to the next if you change motorcycle or own several.
Depending on your vehicle the lanyard will be attached and adjusted differently. The lanyard will ideally be attached around a tube of the frame with a standard, easy buckle. You will make a loop with the buckle at the most convenient location on the motorcycle, the closer to your gravity center when seated on the vehicle the better:

– It should be attached around a robust part of your motorcycle such as the frame that will sustain itself when pulling approx. 30kg.
– Keep it far from anything sharp that could cut your strap
– Keep it far from hot elements to avoid melting it

Try out the length and adjust it until you reach an optimal length. It should be tight when you stand up on your motorcycle. If the length of the strap is too long the inflation of the airbag jacket will be delayed and if it’s too short it could keep you from freedom of movement when standing up on the motorcycle. So the correct adjustment of your safety strap is crucial.


What our users say

"I have to say that the Airnest is the best investment I have ever made."


"It is fantastic!  The fit is perfect and the workmanship is top notch."

T Zondlo

"If ever there was a prize for the best safety feature then this air vest should get it."

AC Barnsley

"The best piece of kit I have ever bought, simply put, I walked away from a nasty accident."

SI Warrington




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