Why choose HELITE?

Helite is the world ‘s leading producer of Airbag safety vests and jackets. Helite was founded in 2002 and their airbag products have today more than 60 000 users. During the 2012 London Olympics 14 nations used Helite Airbag products.

Helite has extensive experience and technical expertise which has enabled the development of safety vests with incredibly fast inflation time and reliable protection for the riders. Strong materials and comfortable products are also characteristic of Helite. The Airbag vest and jacket have many times proved their worth and they can be used in all types of equestrian sports.


Here follows the most common questions about Helite. Please contact your nearest store for further information.

Which body parts are covered by the Airbag?

  • The neck behind and sideways, to avoid whiplash injuries
  • The head is indirectly protected by the  support of the neck
  • The thorax and on both sides of the ribs
  • The hips
  • The full back from lower head to tail-bone

Is the Airbag reusable after activation?

Yes, the Airbag for riders is reusable after activation if it hasn’t been too damaged. The cartridge is the only part of the rider’s Airbag that must be replaced after inflation. If you are not sure whether your Airbag has been badly damaged we will gladly check it in our factory, in France.

Change cartridge - Air Shell

Change cartridge - Air Jacket

Cartridge guarantee?

The cartridges are guaranteed for 10 years. However we advise you to check your cartridge once a year. Just unscrew the cartridge and check on a kitchen scale whether the weight equals the weight indicated on the cartridge.

Can the products be washed?

The Air Jacket should be hand washed with water and soap, by scrubbing inside and outside. Do not sink the airbag system in water and do not put it in the dryer.

The Air Shell is composed of two elements: the Shell and the Airbag liner. The Shell you can machine-wash like any other garment. The Airbag liner you cannot machine wash, please use warm water and soap and wash by hand.

Can I wear my clothing or a backpack over my Helite Airbag?


Yes, so long as it is fitted loosely land there is no interference with the functioning of the lanyard. However, please remember that wearing something on top means slightly slowing down the time it takes for the airbag to inflate. In other words, for optimal protection, we recommend it is on top of every other garment.

How long does the Helite airbags take to deflate?

All Helite airbags inflate in less than a tenth of a second, and will hold the rider tight for 15-20 seconds. After this, they will deflate within two or three minutes. Should you have a fall while on the cross-country course and want to continue, you can still move your arms and legs normally.

If I fall on the CO2 canister, is it going to hurt?

No, the CO2 canister is located on the least harmful place of your upper body. In addition to the Airbag under the canister, a foam rubber pad and an ABS pad keep the bottle further from your body. The gas contained in the cartridge is only CO2 gas, which is totally harmful.


Joe Whitaker
Joe Whitaker is an international showjumper, trainer and producer of horses. Based in South Yorkshire, Great Britain.
Louise Whitaker
One of the leading british female showjumpers and daughter of one of the greatest of all time, John Whitaker.
Bettina Hoy
Bettina Hoy was the first women from Germany who won an Olympic medal in the discipline eventing.
Louise Svensson-Jähde
Louise is one of the three members in "RidetoRio", with the goal to ride in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.
Emily Llewellyn
Emily Llewellyn is the only rider to have ridden on 8 consecutive Youth European Championship Teams, winning 6 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.
Felix Vogg
He own and train 5 horses, each of which he ride competitively in different classes. His ambition is to be qualified to ride in the Olympic Games 2016.
Sandra Auffarth
Sandra Auffarth is steeped in horsemanship and in 2012 she won Olympic team gold and invidiual bronze.
Gemma Tattersall
Gemma is a young International Event rider working towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a member of the Senior British Team.
Karim Laghouag
Karim Laghouag is an international rider, member of the France eventing team and he started his career in 1996.

What our users say

"I honestly don't know why anyone would ride without one!"

Georgie Spence

"After spending years in a Body Protector, I now feel free to be able to move in my Helite Air Shell Blouson -I love it!"

Diana Daniels

"Looks and feels great when competing and gives me confidence when schooling at home."

Louise Whitaker

"The new Air Shell Range of jackets by Helite are the future! Being permitted by British Showjumping means that I can compete in the Blouson and can wear the Gilet for day to day riding."

Joe Whitaker

"To me my helite air jacket is like a seat belt, I wouldn't go in a car without my seat belt on and I wouldn't jump a XC fence without my air jacket!"

Georgie Spence




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